Config path: /<database>/<schema>/sequence/<name>.yaml


start: 1
interval: 1


  • start (int) - starting value for sequence (default: 1)

  • interval (int) - sequence step (default: 1)

  • is_ordered (bool) - enforce ordered mode (true) or non-ordered (false) mode for newly created sequence. If omitted, value of NOORDER_SEQUENCE_AS_DEFAULT account parameter is automatically used as default.

  • comment (str)

Usage notes

  1. Start is applied on creation of sequence only. Existing sequences always retain their current value.

  2. All sequences must be created explicitly and assigned to default_sequence of relevant table columns. It helps to preserve sequence value when table must be re-created to apply changes which cannot be applied via ALTER TABLE.

  3. It is possible to convert an existing ordered sequence into a non-ordered mode. But it is not possible to do it in reverse.

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