Config path: /<database>/<schema>/stream/<name>.yaml


object_type: TABLE
object_name: test_table_1
append_only: true
show_initial_rows: true


  • object_type (str) - object type for stream (e.g. TABLE, EXTERNAL_TABLE)

  • object_name (ident) - object name for stream

  • append_only (bool) - is stream APPEND_ONLY(for TABLE)

  • insert_only (bool) - is stream INSERT_ONLY (for EXTERNAL_TABLE)

  • show_initial_rows (bool) - return existing rows when the stream is consumed for the first time

  • comment (str)

Usage notes

  1. If stream is created on top of TABLE, table should have CHANGE_TRACKING=TRUE set explicitly in config. Otherwise SnowDDL will try to remove CHANGE_TRACKING during next run.

  2. If stream is re-created, the contents of stream will lost.

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