🏷️YAML placeholders

SnowDDL supports placeholders in YAML configs. Placeholder format is similar to GitHub Actions:

${{ <placeholder> }}


  size: ${{ wh_size }}
  auto_suspend: ${{ wh_auto_suspend }}
url: s3://${{ bucket_name }}/my_path/
storage_integration: test_storage_integration
file_format: test_avro_format


Placeholders should be defined in config path: /placeholder.yaml


wh_size: SMALL
wh_auto_suspend: 300
bucket_name: dev-test-bucket

Additionally, you may specify a path to file with environment-specific placeholder values. For example, you may use it to override bucket_name from dev-test-bucket in DEV environment to prod-test-bucket in PROD environment.

bucket_name: prod-test-bucket

CLI option is --placeholder-path :

snowddl \
-c <config> \
-a <account_identifier> \
-u <user> \
-p <password> \

Placeholders from command line argument

Alternatively, it is possible to specify custom placeholder values using CLI argument --placeholder-values. This argument accepts JSON string. For example:

snowddl \
-c <config> \
-a <account_identifier> \
-u <user> \
-p <password> \
--placeholder-values="{'bucket_name': 'prod-test-bucket'}"

Data types of JSON values are important!

For example, placeholders for BOOLEAN values should be specified as JSON true or false without quotes. Numeric values should not have quotes as well.

Technical placeholders

A small number of placeholders are created automatically and always available. These placeholders can still be overloaded by config if necessary.

  • env_prefix (str) - contains current env prefix value. For example, if env prefix is ALICE, this placeholder will contain ALICE__. It should be used as a part of raw SQL fragments when it is necessary to access object in another database. It is especially useful for VIEW definitions. For example: ${{ env_prefix }}db_name.schema_name.object_name.

  • target_db (str) - contains target database name in SingleDB mode, including env prefix. Requires --target-db CLI argument to be set explicitly.

Usage notes

  1. Data types of placeholder values are preserved. You may use integers, booleans, floats, etc.

  2. All placeholders should be defined explicitly. Undefined placeholders will raise an exception and stop further execution to prevent an accidental damage.

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