SHARE (outbound)

Config path: /outbound_share.yaml


      - test_db
      - test_db.test_schema
      - test_db.test_schema.*
      - test_db.test_schema.test_secure_udf(varchar)

  comment: Test share


  • {key} (ident) - share name

  • {value} (dict)

    • accounts (list)

      • {items} (ident) - identifiers of consumer accounts: <organization>.<account>.

    • grants (str)

      • {key} (str) - <object_type>:<privilege>

      • {value} (list)

        • {items} (ident) - full objects names or name patterns to grant privilege;

    • share_restrictions (bool) - should be set to false in order to create SHARE from Business Critical account to accounts with lower edition;

    • comment (str)

Usage notes

  1. Outbound shares are processed only if at least one share exists in config.

  2. All changes to outbound shares are "unsafe" and should be reviewed carefully, since it may expose data from your account to 3rd parties.

  3. Outbound shares require additional privileges for SnowDDL administration user: IMPORT SHARE, CREATE SHARE.

  4. Parameter share_restrictions require additional privilege: OVERRIDE SHARE RESTRICTIONS.

  5. If share has more than 3 consumer accounts, it will be "altered" on every run on SnowDDL. It is caused by limitations of SHOW SHARES command, which can only return 3 accounts in column to. Currently there is no way to get full list of currently assigned consumer accounts.

  6. All limitations related to GRANT ... TO SHARE command applies to grants. Please read it carefully.

  7. It is possible to use Unix-style wildcard patterns for grant object names.

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